Public Relations

Hermark keeps very close business relations with the Ministry of Culture & Tourist in China, Culture Department of Local Governments, Foreign Embassies in around 40 countries, commercial brand and companies, media industry. With their support, our artistic programs and artists are widely involved in their commercial and public projects.

Hermark promotes our artists to the most important and popular TV shows in China, like the biggest Spring Festival International Gala by CCTV (the China Central National TV), Dragon TV in Shanghai, Jiangsu TV, and Hunan TV; By this way, foreign artists become super-star and followed by millions of audience in China.

This normally becomes a sold-out box office for their following China tours. 

Hermark is also working closely with commercial brands like Mercedes-Benz, Patek Philippe etc. Every year we program different shows and workshops with our artists for their educational and clients thankfulness projects. Banquets, Parties, Press Conferences relating to artists and performances are also organized by Hermark. 

Performing Arts Consulting 

From 2018, Hermark collaborated with Norway Performing Arts Hub and the Cultural Ministry of Norway, introducing over 30 groups of Norwegian artists and performing arts companies to China market, be responsible for selecting programs, Brochure Chinese version translation & design, organizing exhibition Booth, press interviews, Banquets at Norway Embassy and sharing our Chinese network and resources. Hermark's experienced and professional, local expertise supports our collaborators to promote their culture and artists in China successfully. 

In 2019, Hermark is going to collaborate with the Hong Kong Arts Development Council,programming and organizing over 20 HK arts companies' out-reaching programs, including press conferences, talks, arts educational workshops spreading in all Shanghai during the HongKong-Shanghai Culture Week in October.

Hermark's Governmental Network

The Ministry of Culture and Tourist of China

The Ministry of Culture and Tourist in Beijing

The Ministry of Culture and Tourist in Suzhou

The Ministry of Culture and Tourist in Shenzhen

The Ministry of Culture and Tourist in Chongqing

Foreign Embassy of the USA, Germany, France, Holland, Polland, Norway, Monaco, Italy, Turkey, Qatar, Hungary, Austra, Denmark,  Brazil, UK, Australia, New Zeland, 

Arts Council of UK & Australia


Hong Kong Arts Development Council

Qatar Foundation

Hermark's Commercial Brand Network

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